Custom Automotive Applications

Automotive Industry Applications
Franklin Fastener works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers to design the components vital to production. From power steering and fuel components to interior and braking systems, we provide only the most reliable parts to our customers. Whether you need a part designed specifically for a new product or a standard part, Franklin Fastener’s automotive applications cover every area.

Power Steering Components

  • Tubing brackets to specification
  • Hose clamps
  • Mounting clamps
  • Custom sizes and shapes

Braking Systems

  • Automotive Industry ApplicationsBanjo connector seals
  • Tubing brackets
  • Other custom sizes and shapes

Fuel Systems

  • Fuel rail brackets
  • Filler tube brackets
  • Tubing clamps
  • Other custom sizes and shapes
  • Redundant clips

Interior Systems

  • Clamps for molded components
    Automotive Industry Applications
  • Molding clamps
  • Washers and spacers
  • Wire framed and stamped seat components
  • Custom sizes, shapes and materials

Hybrid Vehicles

  • Clamps and brackets for battery modules and power cables
Franklin Fastener serves the auto industry with our metal stamping, fourslide/multislide metal stamping, wireforming and prototype/design assistance. We make captivated clamps and captivated grommet clamps for the automotive industry. Request a quote from Franklin Fastener