Custom Wind & Solar Energy Applications

Off Road/Wind & Solar Industry Applications
As sources of renewable energy become more viable for personal and industrial use in the 21st century, Franklin Fastener is right there to help make it possible. We provide clamps from our Standard Parts Catalog for the mounting and installation of solar panels and wind turbine generators.  

Wind Turbines

  • Wire and cable mounting in the tower
  • Generator brackets and clamps
  • Gearbox brackets and clamps

    Diesel Engines Industry

  • Nacelle wire and cable mounting

Solar Panels

  • Solar panel frame clips and brackets
  • Wire clamps and brackets
  • Other custom sizes and shapes
  Franklin Fastener serves the green energy industry with our metal stamping, fourslide/multislide metal stamping, wireforming and prototype/design assistance.   Request a quote from Franklin Fastener