Areas We Serve

Whether you’re near or far, Franklin Fastener can provide the products you need.

Providing Comprehensive Metal Manufacturing Services From Coast-To-Coast and Beyond

Franklin Fastener is a customer-centric provider of standard and custom metal products. Our experts maintain a commitment to serving our clients by providing engineered parts that meet evolving needs. We’re proud to serve companies throughout North America and Western Europe with our comprehensive solutions.

Do You Have Questions About What We Do?

Our FAQ page offers answers to many common questions we’re asked.

Our Services

  • Competencies

    From wire forming to welding and assembly solutions, our team offers expert metal part production solutions that build parts to meet specific requirements.

  • Engineering

    Franklin Fastener understands that many customers have unique needs and offers design, prototyping, and tooling solutions that build products from the ground up.

  • Products

    We maintain a stocked selection of standard components that enable our team to quickly meet the needs of our customers.