Engineered Engine Solutions

Secure fuel lines, hoses, tubes & wires with Franklin Fastener’s line of engine components.

Secure Your Engine Parts With Our Metal Components

The wires and hoses that power gasoline and diesel engines must be properly secure and protected to maintain integrity. Using the wrong metal components increases the likelihood of failure. This makes finding the right parts an essential element of the engine-building process.

As a leading engineered solution provider, Franklin Fastener offers standard and custom metal parts that are critical to engines. Our team understands that using the right material and coating is essential to maximizing durability and leverages our seven decades of experience to provide the ideal solutions for your needs.

Secure Your Wires With Our Clamps

Franklin Fasteners maintains an extensive line of engine hose clamps and fasteners backed by decades of innovation. Contact us today for a quote.

Why Source Your Fasteners Used in Automobiles From Us?

As an engine manufacturer, you need access to a wide selection of engine hose clamps and other parts to maintain your daily operations. Material shortages can have a significant impact on employee productivity, and poor products can cause you to create ineffective automotive components.

Franklin Fastener maintains an extensive inventory of washers, clips, clamps, and other fasteners used in automobile manufacturing. Our customer-centric attitude means we always have the part you need. Other advantages of partnering with us include:


Franklin Fastener has over seven decades of experience providing engineered metal engine parts for the automotive industry. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to provide a unique perspective and deliver the best solution for your needs.


We understand that evolving industry trends are changing how companies operate. As a customer-centric business, we maintain a commitment to building innovative metal products that meet developing needs.

Need Custom Engine Parts? Let Our Team Handle It

Sometimes automotive processes require components that offer durability and geometric shapes not provided by standard parts. Franklin Fastener takes pride in working with our clients to develop customized products that meet their needs. Our experts work with your internal team to provide design assistance, then build a production-intent prototype from actual materials. After verifying part feasibility, we can transition quickly to production tooling and start developing your part. Partnering with us provides peace of mind knowing receiving a precisely manufactured engine part that meets your needs.

High-Quality Parts for the Heavy Truck Industry

Franklin Fastener also provides high-quality metal parts for heavy truck companies. See how we help that industry today.