Supplier Requirements

Read our Supplier Guidelines to learn more about becoming a Franklin Fastener supplier.

Our Supplier Requirements

Franklin Fastener believes in the quality of our products and offers our clients opportunities to sell our components. Our Supplier Quality Manual & Supplier Guidelines has been developed to provide a foundation to establish the business process necessary for the achievement of competitive performance and business results. This document identifies the need for suppliers to focus on the achievement of predetermined performance objectives.

We believe an effective supplier relationship requires shared responsibilities. Our team takes pride in treating our suppliers the way they want to be treated, fairly and honestly. We want our suppliers to survive, grow and become a partner with us.

At Franklin Fastener, we believe in a customer-focused business plan. Our suppliers should be capable of delivering high-quality products on time, every time. Visit the link to learn more about the following elements of our supplier partnership:

  • Management systems of the supplier
  • Management of sub-suppliers
  • Right of access
  • Product documentation
  • Production and traceability
  • Product, process, and delivery
  • Delivery and incoming components
  • Complaints
  • Environmental
  • Contingency planning
  • Record retention
  • Supplier ratings
  • Agreement