Expert Design for Manufacturing

Franklin Fastener offers advanced product design solutions that deliver feasible components.

Manufacturing Design Assistance That Builds Quality Products

For many businesses, the act of cutting costs begins in the design process of their equipment. Material waste, lengthy production times, and ineffective components disrupt the time to market and impact the overall quality of products. Partnering with a reputable metal fabrication company can provide the right guidance to reducing inefficiencies and increasing revenue.

As a leading provider of manufacturing engineering services, Franklin Fastener offers advanced product design services that make sure your drawings provide the necessary feasibility to meet your growing needs. With more than five decades of experience, our team is capable of designing and building products for any task. We work with clients to design a solution for manufacturability that’s feasible, cost-effective, and meets their unique specifications.

Get Design for Manufacturing Solutions That Meet Your Needs

With more than seven decades of experience, the Franklin Fastener team has the knowledge to design and build customized products for your specific needs. Contact us today and start developing your solution today.

Our Advanced Product Design Process

Just because you can draw your component improvement idea doesn’t mean it’s feasible for your equipment. That’s why Franklin Fastener works closely with clients to understand their needs and challenges before entering the design phase. Involving our experts early enables us to provide the greatest cost reduction and efficiency enhancement opportunities. We create functional parts by following our comprehensive design for manufacturing process:


Our design process begins with a consultation where our team works to understand your problem. Gathering information regarding the problem you’re facing, the type of part you part, and when you need it enables us to provide the best solution.

Design and Feasibility

Our team leverages our five decades of experience and innovative software like CAD, Master Cam, and Solid Works to design a component that allows your team to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. We also perform feasibility testing to verify it suits your equipment.


Franklin Fastener is proud to be a full-service metal manufacturing company and offers rapid prototyping solutions that enable our clients to validate designs. Unlike other companies that build prototypes using cheaper materials, our team constructs them using what they’re meant to be made from.

Benefits of Partnering With Us as Your Design and Manufacturing Engineer

Franklin Fastener believes in a customer-centric philosophy where our experts interact with clients from concept to completion to verify they receive the highest quality product. Our partners enjoy working with us because we offer the following benefits:

Experienced Team

The design and assembly process of each order is unique, and you need an experienced team at your side to make sure the parts you receive meet your needs. With more than five decades of experience, Franklin Fastener has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best solution.

Enhanced Customizability

Franklin Fastener understands the value of receiving the ideal components for your equipment. This is why we offer customizable wire forming, metal stamping, and welding and assembly solutions that build parts to your specific requirements.