Tooling, Design, and Build

Our advanced tooling services provide a high-quality product that meets specific demands.

Minimize Product Waste With Our Custom Tooling and Fabrication Services

Precision advanced tooling is an essential part of quality component manufacturing. Improper tooling design can lead to significant delays and increase costs because you have to redesign and reorder large quantities of parts. This makes partnering with a reputable tooling for manufacturing provider critical for receiving the right solutions for your needs.

As a leading provider of formed metal components, Franklin Fastener offers in-house tooling and design-build solutions that support various fabrication processes. Our team has over seven decades of experience and works with customers to build components that fit their specific applications and deliver high-quality results. Some of the fabrication tooling services we offer include:

Extend the capabilities of your Engineering Department

Involving the Franklin Fastener team in early design/development stages adds our many years of metal forming knowledge and experience to your collaboration and helps provide the very best solutions based on your applications needs.

The benefits of having Franklin Fastener involved early in your product design include:

  • Quick turnaround from concept to completion
  • Improved part quality and functionality
  • Minimize Tooling costs
  • Minimize material requirements and improve manufacturability
  • Prototyping and feature customization

We make tools and dies for many metal fabrication processes. Whether it is something as simple as punching out a heavy-duty washer, or a custom part that is very complex – we can build a die that will fit your exact application and get the job done. Common tooling types we produce:

  • Two, three, and four piece line dies
  • Progressive, compound, and line dies
  • Cost saving fourslide dies
  • Universal Die Set Inserts

To customize your piece, we can add traceability, identification, and other features, such as part numbers or a logo, at a minimal cost.

Get Tooling That Meet Your Needs

Partnering with Franklin Fastener means you’re receiving solutions from a company that utilizes multiple processes to build what you need. Contact us today to start customizing your tooling and fabrication parts.

Advantages of Our Tooling for Manufacturing Solutions

Making sure your parts and components meet your demands for production and quality is essential to staying competitive in your evolving industry. Franklin Fastener understands these concerns and works with your internal engineering team to design parts that suit your needs. As a full-service metal manufacturing provider, we also offer rapid prototyping solutions that build parts using real materials—so you know if it’s a feasible product. Other benefits of working with our team include:


With more than 70 years of experience, our team is capable of handling the most challenging fabrication tooling tasks.

Forward Thinkers

Innovation continues to drive the Franklin Fastener team. We’re always looking for new ways to increase efficiency and deliver a better product to your clients.

Industry-Leading Provider of Advanced Tooling and More

Franklin Fastener understands the challenges of finding the right metal manufacturing provider for your industrial processes. That’s why we take pride in working closely with your internal engineering teams to make sure we’re providing the best solutions for your needs. From concept to completion, our experts provide comprehensive wire forming, metal stamping, and product finishing solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs.