Formed Metal Components & Assemblies for Industries

Franklin Fastener offers high-quality engineered solutions to meet the needs of various industries.

Side view of the engine with a special tool installed to adjust the valve clearance

Supplying Automotive Clips and Engine Clamps for Multiple Industries

The equipment and machinery that powers industrial processes require precisely manufactured metal products to organize and protect wires and hoses. Franklin Fastener works closely with our customers to ensure they have the pieces they need to get the job done right. We’re a customer-centric company that offers standard and custom-engineered metal products, including:

Consumer Products for Any Industry

  • Automotive

    The automotive industry needs precisely designed and built metal products to protect wires, hoses, and various other parts. Franklin Fastener’s line of clips, clamps, stampings and assemblies keep essential pieces in place.

  • Military

    Many land and sea military equipment require high-quality components to secure wires and hoses. Our military components strict specifications and are designed to provide enhanced support in challenging conditions.

  • Heavy Truck

    Heavy trucking vehicles are driven hundreds of miles daily and must have durable equipment capable of maintaining their strength over long periods. Franklin Fastener’s trailer wire clips help keep hoses, tubes, brackets, and EGR systems in place.

  • Engines

    Durable components are top priorities for engine manufacturers. Franklin Fastener’s high-quality clamps and assemblies are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

  • VMI

    Franklin Fastener has long-term partnerships with various vendor-managed inventory distributors. We understand how to service the needs of the distributor and satisfy the end customer requirements.

Start Building Your Engineered Solution Today

Finding the right metal products offers peace of mind knowing essential components are protected. Contact Franklin Fastener today to start custom designing and tooling the parts you need.

Offering Custom Engine Component Solutions for Various Industries

Franklin Fastener understands that some processes require metal products capable of providing enhanced durability that’s not offered by standard parts. We offer customizable options that enable our team to precisely build components that meet the needs of customers. Our experts provide design assistance using modern CAD software and create a production-intent prototype with actual materials. After verifying product feasibility, we quickly transition to high-volume tooling by following the exact specifications.