Engineered Solutions

Franklin Fastener offers innovative metal products that meet the needs of the modern manufacturing industry.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology With a Commitment to Innovation

Manufacturing processes are consistently evolving, and the equipment and components that support them must change with them. Franklin Fastener understands that assembly and quality control tasks for the automotive, heavy truck, and defense industries require that are durable, cost-effective, and designed for their desired role.

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For more than seven decades, our team has adopted a unique approach to problem-solving and strategic partnership development by providing new solution ideas to meet the needs of our customers. We work with companies across multiple industries to deliver customizable parts that meet strict usability requirements, reduce noise, and/or enhance efficiency. Our commitment to innovation is proven by our team filing numerous patents over the previous decade.

Adapt to Evolving Practices With Our Manufacturing Innovations

Franklin Fastener takes pride in monitoring the latest trends and developing innovative engineered solutions that meet evolving needs. Contact us today to get your quote for our value added assemblies and stampings.

Our Value-Added Assemblies and Stampings

Franklin Fastener’s commitment to increasing customer satisfaction motivates us to continuously create innovative components for smart factories and other industrial facilities. Here are some of the more recent patent products developed by our experts:


Over the years, the experts at Franklin Fastener recognized that clients were increasingly experiencing issues with assembly time and part loss during routine engine maintenance. To combat these problems, we developed the Ergo-Clamp™ product line. Built with a two-piece interlocked patented clamp, this part features a captivated design that eliminates potential part loss. Our Ergo-Clamp™ provides the following benefits:

  • Ergonomically easier to install than one-piece parts
  • Easily service because pieces don’t fall apart during maintenance
  • Pieces are designed to align for easy opening and closing
  • Saves time and money by being reusable

The Ergo-Clamp™ is ideal for securing EGR tubes to diesel engines and other automotive-related maintenance needs.

Iso-Cush System™

For customers that want the convenience of the Ergo-Clamp™ but also need enhanced noise-reduction capabilities, Franklin Fastener offers the Iso-Cush System™. This clamp was designed to reduce noises, squeaking, rattling, and resonance dampening. Built as a two-piece component, it features an integral grommet cushion that enhances durability and eliminates part loss. The Iso-Cush System™ is ideal for use in the heavy truck, diesel, automobile, and military industries and offers the following benefits:

  • Easier to install than traditional one-piece designs
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing noise and vibration complaints
  • Reduces cost by minimizing part loss

The Iso-Cush System™ is designed for high-pressure fuel lines, brake lines, and hydraulic applications.

Iso-Cush Assemblies

The Franklin Fastener team developed the Iso-Cush assembly specifically to address customer requests to eliminate dampen resonance issues and reduce warranty cost risks. This grommet assembly kit is engineered for application and eliminates gluing and other tasks that increase the risk of parts loss. Ideal for the heavy truck, diesel, automobile, and military industries, this product features cushion material options for high-heat applications. Some of the benefits offered by the Iso-Cush assembly include:

  • Eliminates noise by isolating vibrations
  • Features a simple assembly process that reduces labor costs
  • Increases safety by minimizing assembly errors
  • Reduces costs by eliminating scrap parts.

The Iso-Cush Assembly kit is recommended for use on wrap brackets, fuel line brackets, power steering brackets, and cooling line applications.

Damper Assemblies

Our experts created the damper assembly product line to address resonance concerns in fuel lines. This patented wrap bracket clamp is recommended for use in the automotive and heavy trucking industries and offers cushion material options that feature temperature and fluid-resistant qualities. Some of the benefits provided by our damper assembly parts include:

  • Eliminates resonance of steel lines
  • Reduces customer complaints
  • Minimizes warranty costs

Engineered Solutions Customized to Meet Your Needs

The Franklin Fastener team understands that companies have unique needs for their manufacturing processes. That’s why our team takes pride in working closely with our clients to make sure we design and develop parts that fit their applications. From custom wire forming services that deliver complex shapes to value-added welding and assembly that reduces costs, we leverage our seven decades of experience to provide the best solution for your facility.