Wire-Forming Services

Franklin Fastener’s high-volume wire-forming services create complex shapes and high-quality results.

High-Volume Custom Wire-Forming Services That Deliver a Consistent Product

Quality problems can create issues that impact your productivity and profits. Partnering with an experienced provider offers peace of mind knowing you’re receiving wire-forming services that meet your needs and deliver consistent results.

As a leading provider of metal fastening solutions, Franklin Fastener offers wire-forming services that utilize specialized equipment to coin, flatten, or bend wires:

  • Infinite feed length
  • Wire diameter up to 0.315 inch
  • 185-ton press capacity for in-process embossing, coining, and trimming
  • In-process welding
  • OMCG 250 and 530 multi slides
  • CNC wire forming
  • Stock tooling for standard parts
  • Secondary operations, including plating, painting, and coating
  • Support capabilities, including welding, technical assembly, and kitting
  • In-house die design and tool build
  • Radial and linear parts forming
  • Fourslide forming parts up to 75 tons

Get Custom Wire-Forming Solutions That Meet Your Needs

For more than 70 years, Franklin Fastener has been providing high-quality wire-forming solutions for clients across multiple industries. Contact us today if you need to make metal component in complex shapes.

Advantages of Our Wire-Forming Services

Franklin Fastener is a customer-centric provider that leverages over seven decades of experience to deliver necessary components to operate your equipment. We understand that wire forming isn’t a one-size-fits-all service and offer customizable options on various products, including:

  • Low-carbon steel
  • High-carbon steel
  • High-strength steel
  • Pre-tempered steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Washers

Our fully-staffed and high-trained toolroom team can meet any challenge and perform complex wire forming jobs by using innovative hard tooling equipment. Other advantages of working with our team include:

Reduced Costs

Working with a low-volume production company requires you to reorder products frequently, making manufacturing and delivery more expensive. Franklin Fastener’s process reduces costs by quickly meeting your capacity needs.

Increased Production Speed

Unlike other companies that utilize a low-volume production process that requires a longer lead time, Franklin Fastener offers a medium-to-high-volume capacity strategy that enables our team to keep up with your demands.

A Wire Forming Company That Assists From Concept to Completion

Making sure the component we provide meets our client’s needs without increasing costs is a top priority for Franklin Fastener. That’s why our team takes pride in working with customers in the early stages to provide the best possible guidance. Our experts carefully study designs and offer suggestions to ensure their feasibility, then build a short-run prototype from real material that enables clients to determine if it’s what they need.