Metal Rapid Prototyping

Franklin Fastener’s rapid prototyping services enhance verification by providing a component built from real materials.

Verify Product Feasibility With Our Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Services

Actualizing your parts from design to reality is an exciting but stressful process for your engineers. Any unidentified product flaws in this stage can cause significant problems after building the components, leading to revenue loss and impacting your team’s ability to maintain efficiency. These reasons are why many industries prefer creating prototypes that enable them to test their part before transitioning to high-volume production.

As a leading provider of metal manufacturing engineering services, Franklin Fastener offers metal rapid prototyping solutions that build prototypes to meet your exact specifications. Unlike other companies that reduce their expenses by using cheaper materials, our experts create prototypes for production intent. Our commitment to using actual materials provides peace of mind knowing your component meets your needs.

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Get a Component Made From Real Materials With Our Rapid Prototyping Services

The best way to verify part feasibility is to test it out using the intended materials. Contact Franklin Fastener today to start building your actualized prototype.

Our 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Process

The Franklin Fastener team understands that the narrowest margins and mistakes can create inadequate components, increasing the likelihood of future equipment problems. That’s why our experts work closely with your engineering team to design and build a working prototype on the first try.

We utilize AutoCAD Inventor, Solidworks and can communicate with other CAD software to create metal rapid prototypes that are easily constructed and serve as functioning parts. Many of the prototypes we develop require little-to-no tooling, which keeps your project on schedule and reduces costs. Also, by building a real component, we can quickly transition to the high-volume production stage once you’ve performed the necessary quality assurance.

Advantages of Our Metal Rapid Prototyping Services

Finding the right provider to outsource your rapid prototyping and tooling jobs is essential because receiving improper parts can create delays and impact employee productivity. The Franklin Fastener team has more than seven decades of experience helping clients design and build components and leverage our knowledge to ensure your receive pieces that best suit your needs. We take pride in involving ourselves early in the development process to identify potential issues and verify your part is functional.

Other advantages of working with Franklin Fastener include:

Customizable Options

Does your design require unique specifications that aren’t included with regular components? Franklin Fastener offers customizable options that enable our team to design and prototype a part that suits your needs. We offer a wide variety of materials and can wire form, stamp, and weld pieces to your preferences.

Innovative Team

We understand that the needs of our clients are constantly changing and are always looking for new ways to build innovative parts. We take pride in meeting emerging challenges by developing new and exciting components that increase efficiency and reduce reverberations and handling noise. We’ve maintained this commitment to modernizing our product line by filing multiple patents in recent years.