Engineered Military Fasteners

Franklin Fasteners offers high-quality aerospace clamps that meet mil-spec requirements.

Military-Grade Marine Clamps and Clips

Military and defense equipment need durable and reliable components capable of withstanding challenging conditions. Utilizing the right metal products to secure wires and hoses is essential to maximizing safety for personnel and successfully completing missions.

As a leading provider of metal products, Franklin Fastener supplies standard aviation fasteners and loop clamps. Loop and loom clamps have become the standard for military applications, and our cushioned parts seamlessly slip over tubes or wires and easily close with a bolt assembly consisting of two round holes and a developed shape. Our team has more than seven decades of experience and offers components with the following military standard specifications:

  • MS122900
  • MS122939
  • MS9025
  • MS21333
  • MS21334
  • MS9353
  • MS9354
  • MS9391
  • MS21919

What Are the Applications of Our Military Fasteners?

Military and defense branches need high-quality fastening equipment to secure essential equipment and enhance safety. Franklin Fasteners line of mil-spec fasteners is ideal for the construction of various devices and systems, including:

  • Non-airframe aircraft parts
  • Tanks
  • Machinery
  • Weapons systems
  • Ships and submarines

Benefits of Our Components

The military industry has high standards for its metal products. Franklin Fastener understands the essential role these components play and build clips, clamps, and fasteners that offer the following benefits:

  • Temperature resistance: We offer various materials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures
  • Durable: Our team understands that durability and reliability are top priorities and build our products to maintain their integrity in demanding environments.

Secure Your Equipment With Our Military Fasteners

Franklin Fastener manufactures metal products with durable materials capable of withstanding challenging environments. Contact us today and start building your components with our experts.

Aerospace Clamp Manufacturer That Utilizes High-Quality Materials

Precisely built metal products are a necessity for military-grade equipment. With more than seven decades of experience, the Franklin Fastener team has the knowledge and capabilities to quickly build components with high-quality materials, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Low-carbon steel
  • High-strength steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Pre-tempered steel
  • And more

Our standard military fasteners meet the strict standards for defense companies, and our team uses modern competency processes that enable us to quickly build products that feature complex shapes and geometries.


Years of experience building metal products.

Meet Your Evolving Needs With Our Military Hardware Fasteners

Partnering with a company that adjusts to the changing needs of military operations is essential to ensuring you always receive the right metal product for equipment. Franklin Fastener is a customer-centric manufacturer that maintains a commitment to innovation by developing new components that address emerging issues. Our innovative metal products reduce handling noise, minimize vibrations, and withstand challenging conditions better than standard parts.