Fourslide Stamping Services

Build precise shapes with Franklin Fastener’s fourslide engineering solutions.

Get Precisely Shaped Parts With Our Fourslide Machine

As a leading provider of engineered metal products, Franklin Fastener offers fourslide stamping solutions that utilize a 75-ton press that builds products to meet exact specifications. Our four-slide metal stamping equipment provides the following features:

  • Parts produced from strip or wire
  • Feed length up to 20 1/2 inches
  • Stock width up to 3.38 inches
  • Material thickness up to 1/8 inch
  • Wire diameter up to 1/4 inch
  • Nilson Fourslide: 700I, SF2, SF3, SF4T
  • Bihler multi slides: RM35-GRM80
  • Stock tooling for standard parts
  • Secondary operations (plating, painting, and coating)
  • Support capabilities include welding, technical assembly, and kitting
  • In-house tooling design and die build
  • Radial and linear parts forming capabilities

Increase Production Speed With Our Fourslide Stamping Services

Franklin Fastener’s fourslide machines enable our team to quickly adjust shapes without delaying production. Contact us today to start taking advantage of our fourslide stamping solutions.

Advantages of Our Fourslide Stamping Solutions

Building precise components that feature complex shapes can be expensive if the correct equipment isn’t used. Improper machines can increase lead time and create material waste that impacts productivity and revenue.

Franklin Fastener has more than seven decades of experience and utilizes our knowledge to provide expert fourslide stamping services that offer the following advantages:

Reduced Costs

Our multi-slide forming solutions reduce client costs by minimizing tooling and quickly creating engineered metal products. Partnering with us reduces lead time and enables customers to get the parts they need faster.

Increased Production Speed

Franklin Fastener utilizes modern four slide machines that allow our team to quickly adjust configurations. We utilize our expertise to build complex shapes into parts that meet specific requirements.

Multi Slide Forming Machine That Builds Custom Products

From concept to completion, Franklin Fastener offers a comprehensive process that carefully verifies and builds your customized component. Our team works carefully with your internal engineers to design a part for manufacturing and develops a production-intent prototype using actual materials. This allows us to quickly transition to tooling after verifying your manufacturing part. Partnering with Franklin Fastener provides peace of mind knowing you’re receiving a product built to your precise specifications.