Fourslide / Multislide Metal Stamping

Franklin Fastener’s fourslide and multislide capabilities extend beyond standard parts to include prototyping and fabrication of parts produced from strip or wire. Our 75 ton press capabilities for in-process embossing, coining and staking – along with other state-of-the-art manufacturing machines–deliver the highest quality products to your specifications. Our double ram metal fourslide stamping allows us to create more complex parts faster and more economically as compared with conventional methods, such as progressive die stamping. To further customize your piece, we can add traceability, identification and other features, such as part numbers or a logo, at a minimal cost.

Our fourslide stamping and multislide metal stamping capabilities and features include:

  • Parts produced from strip or wire
  • Feed length up to 20.5” (520mm)
  • Stock width up to 3.38” (85mm)
  • Material thickness up to .125” (3.10mm)
  • Wire diameter up to .250” (6.5mm)
  • 75 ton press capacity for in-process embossing, coining and staking
  • Nilson Fourslides: 700l, SF2, SF3, SF4T
  • Bihler multislides: RM35 – GRM80
  • Stock tooling for standard parts
  • Secondary operations (plating, painting and coating)
  • Support capabilities including welding, technical assembly and kitting
  • In-house tooling design and die build