Metal Stamping

From concept to completion Franklin Fastener is a full service metal stamping facility. We utilize the latest technologies and staff some of the most knowledgeable engineers to ensure our mission is completed consistently. In every metal stamping manufacturing area, we strive to utilize the most up to date technology to deliver the highest quality metal stamping product to our customers. Yet we don’t rely on technology alone: Franklin Fastener’s engineers and sales staff are always available for consultation.

Our metal stamping capabilities and features include:

  • Capacity to 250 tons
  • Low Carbon, High Strength and High Carbon Steel metal stamping
  • Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum and other special material metal Stamping
  • Stock width up to 16” (407 mm)
  • Material thickness up to .250” (6.3 mm)
  • Progressive and Compound Dies
  • In-Die Tapping, Copper braze slug insertion and nut staking
  • Secondary operations (plating, painting and coating)
  • Support capabilities including welding, technical assembly and kitting
  • In-house die design and build

Some example products include:

  • Special hardened and ground washers
  • Wrap brackets with grommets
  • Specialty fasteners


stamping_020 stamping_033 stamping_001