Custom Fourslide and Multislide Tooling, Progressive Die Tooling Design and Build

Franklin Fastener’s capability to build fourslide / multislide tooling and progressive stamping dies adds to the value that we can provide our customers. Using the latest CAD design tools and manufacturing methods allow us to complete projects with shorter lead times to meet customer demands. Our skilled tool engineers/builders with broad experience in metal stamping help us provide the highest level of finished part quality and tool operating efficiency.

Low volume and short run production is often cost effective using our in-house universal tooling inserts – which come in two sizes (up to 60 tons, or up to 220 tons).  To learn more about the advantages of Franklin Fastener universal stamping die sets, download this information sheet.

Extend the capabilities of your Engineering Department

Involving the Franklin Fastener team in early design/development stages adds our many years of metal forming knowledge and experience to your collaboration and helps provide the very best solutions based on your applications needs.

The benefits of having Franklin Fastener involved early in your product design include:

  • Quick turnaround from concept to completion

  • Improved part quality and functionality

  • Minimize Tooling costs

  • Minimize material requirements and improve manufacturability

  • Prototyping and feature customization

We make tools and dies for many metal fabrication processes. Whether it is something as simple as punching out a heavy-duty washer, or a custom part that is very complex - we can build a die that will fit your exact application and get the job done. Common tooling types we produce:

  • Two, three and four piece dies

  • Progressive, compound, and line dies

  • Cost saving fourslide dies

  • Universal Die Set Inserts

To customize your piece, we can add traceability, identification and other features, such as part numbers or a logo, at a minimal cost.

Progressive Die Stamping is the process to modifying the raw material through a series of punch press cycles and the re-positioning of the raw material.

Progressive die stamping includes one or multiple processes combined to produce a finished part such as: Punching, Bending, Coining and Drawing or Tapping of the raw material. These processes - when performed in multiple operations or cycles of the press - will produce a finished part through the progressive die/tool.


Using a progressive die - for high-production, complex parts that may require multiple bends, drawing, or other processes – can reduce set-up time and overall labor and production costs.

To customize your part, we can also add traceability, identification and other features, such as part numbers or a logo when building the die/tool.

A cost-effective Made in U.S.A. alternative to off shore progressive dies

Universal Insert Tooling can be a good fit for part volumes lower than 100,000 pieces per year, but usually ordered in volumes of at least 10,000. Inserts can be quickly and easily changed over to run different parts, and provide a cost-competitive alternative to off shore progressive dies.

Universal insert die sets (consisting of Top and Lower) lower cost over conventional progressive die tools because the customer only pays for the inserts, not the entire Universal Die Set. Cost savings are typically from $8,000 - $15,000 depending on the size and complexity of the part being manufactured.


Franklin Fastener offers universal insert die set solutions for parts requiring up to 220 tons.

This insert tooling solution still offers low-cost customization options, such as:

  • Traceability, Identification and other features

  • Part Numbers

  • Company Logo


Call us now at (800) 714-2172 to discuss your questions, or email your drawings to

A unique solution for small parts with complex part geometries

Multislide (or “fourslide”) stamping is a cost effective manufacturing process for complex parts in large volume part runs (due to the time required to setup the many tooling components). It can also be an economical solution for short-run part production, particularly when tooling costs are considered:

  • Lower tooling cost (Up to 1/3 of traditional progressive die tooling)

  • Shorter lead time for tool build

In addition to in-house fourslide tool build capability, Franklin Fastener also has proprietary double-ram multislide production capabilities that further increase efficiency and cost savings.

Some benefits of utilizing this type of manufacturing process include:

  • Multiple and compound bends and forms can be performed with ease

  • Drilling and tapping can be performed in-die, thus avoiding a secondary operation

  • Generally reduces material usage, and therefore cost, compared to traditional manufacturing approaches

  • Material may be purchased to finished width, further reducing scrap

  • Lower piece price possible due to less material waste

As usual, we can customize your part with features like traceability, identification, part numbers or a logo.