Custom Brackets

Franklin Fastener offers custom brackets and various patent-pending wrap-bracket products to fulfill the unique needs of each customer. Based on customer needs, we provide custom bracket solutions for both small and large applications: For small parts with complex geometries, our expertise in Fourslide and Multislide tooling provides options for both high and low-volume production.  For larger complex parts that may require multiple bends, drawing, or other processes, our expertise in high-volume Progressive Die tooling and stamping can often reduce set-up time and overall labor and production costs. To talk to an expert about your custom bracket needs, contact us today! What makes us experts?  Well, besides years of experience with both automotive and diesel engine applications - Franklin Fastener has two Patents, and an additional one pending, for wrap-brackets that also provide a dampening solution as part of the bracket.  Ask how we can help offer insight on your needs.